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Pilot Program and Sales Modeling

Pilot Program – Generating your product’s own unique Blueprint

Many of our clients come to us with the overall question of “how do I sell my product?” So many times an organization will have all the moving parts in line for development and manufacturing; however, once those come together, a third component must enter the picture to commercialize. That third component is sales. So many questions now come into play:

  • Can we do this on our own? Should we partner? Should we sell?
  • Do we want to grow our own sales team?
  • Can we be profitable with just one product?
  • What are the risks of hiring sales professionals?
  • Are their alternatives like selling through distributors?
  • Who is going to handle trade?
  • Should we offer exclusivity?

Once a decision is made to commercialize, it is common for an organization to get caught up in pre-launch activities that waste both time and money. Too many times forecasts are based on an unproven sales cycle and information gathered from cookie-cutter market research reports, market overviews and data on diseases states. Many of our clients come to us exasperated by futile attempts to sell their product or service through distributors, print ads, conferences and/or internet marketing alone.

Pilot programming takes the guess work out of creating a scalable “go-to-market” strategy. It is a much more accurate process and mitigates our client’s financial risk. At the end of the pilot program you will be able to answer key questions about the unique sales cycle of your product or service. Questions like:

  • What is the optimal message and position for my product/service?
  • What is the successful sales process for my particular product/service?
  • What is the optimal sales timeline?
  • Do I have the right targets and are there target groups that are missing?
  • What is the promotional sensitivity of my product/service and does it vary by:
    • Target type?
    • Venue?
    • Geography?

Upon the completion of the Pilot Program, you will have a commercial blueprint that is unique to your product or service, allowing you to develop a more accurate sales timeline and forecast. The sales success that you experience during your pilot, can now be replicated in other target markets and scaled up to a full scale commercial launch.